Interview Preperation


Civil Documents

You will need to bring in originals of the civil documents that we already provided or you have received since your filing.  A list of documents are included below:

  • The interview notice.
  • Government-issued photo identification (ideally for your state of residence).
  • Original passports (all).
  • Evidence of Petitioner’s U.S. immigration status (original U.S. birth certificate, naturalization certificate or U.S. passport).
  • Beneficiary’s birth certificate (original or certified copy).
  • Original/certified copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Original/certified copies of divorce decree/death certificates (if applicable).
  • Original/certified copies of birth certificates of any children.
  • Original/certified copy of evidence that Petitioner is a U.S. citizen (passport, naturalization certificate, or birth certificate in the U.S.).
  • Your completed medical exam (if this was not included in your filing)

You may also print off our CHECKLIST to confirm you have each of the required documents.

Relationship Documents –

You will need to bring in new evidence of your relationship.  This does not include those documents that we previously provided in the filing.  The most important documents are those that establish you live together, your finances are shared and additional photos of the two of you since the filing.  See a list of examples below:

  • 10-12 additional photos of you both with friends and family
  • Bank statements with both names for most recent 6 months
  • Joint lease or house deed with both names (alternatively one persons name on deed and other person’s name on utility statements)
  • Utility bills with both names Life insurance with spouse listed as beneficiary
  • Medical insurance with spouse listed as beneficiary
  • Car ownership/car insurance with both names
  • Joint credit cards Letters/cards to each other or addressed to both of you
  • Evidence of trips taken together Joint memberships
  • Affidavits from family/friends that know you both as a married couple (only if requested by attorney) 

You may also print off our CHECKLIST to confirm you have each of the required documents.

Mock Interview –

While you are gathering your documents, please go ahead and schedule your mock interview with our office.  We have included the link below so that you may schedule the most convenient time.  You should bring the documents listed above with you to your mock interview. You may also ask any questions that you have during this appointment.  


If you have any questions, please contact our office at (404) 890-0372!