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Immigration law can be intimidating and confusing.  Working with an attorney doesn’t have to be.  This is why we provide our clients with our step-by-step process at the start of each case. During this discussion we clearly communicate (1) all fees involved, (2) each step necessary for the immigration process and (3) any potential issues and solutions that we see now or that may arise in the future.


In immigration, details matter.  We understand this at our core and our team is 100% invested in filing a successful case for each client. We can demonstrate our effectiveness with our 99% approval rate based on over 1000 cases filed. 


Our reputation speaks for itself.  Our services are not only about delivering positive results they also include thoughtful touches to make your experience working with our firm second to none.  We intend for each client to act as a referral for the next; please see our testimonials page to see what our clients are saying!

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