To our clients, friends and family who are potentially negatively impacted by the results of yesterday’s election:

We support you, we stand with you and we are more determined than ever to take action. 

We have already spoken with many of you in the immigrant, LBGT and Muslim communities, in particular, and understand that you are fearful and concerned about upcoming changes.  We too share this sentiment, but our feelings have quickly developed into a stronger determination to continue advocating for you and these communities.

Although there is still much unknown, we would like to provide some thoughts on what to expect.


·      Immigration enacted by regulation, such as STEM OPT, H-1B, Provisional Waivers of Inadmissibility, etc., cannot be undone without extensive comment and review periods.

·       Trump will have the ability to change DACA and certain prosecutorial discretion memos without any such comment period or review; thus, these deferred actions are most at risk. 

·      We anticipate that there will be a change in enforcement and family detention.

·      We do not anticipate any near changes to the legalization of same-sex marriage as this decision was rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges and should not be overturned per the legal principal of a court adhering to its own precedent.

What you can do:

·      If you believe that you are eligible for an immigration benefit, seek guidance and possibly action in pursuing this benefit.

·      Stay informed.

What we will do:

·      Continue to stay involved and informed with organizations that advocate change and support these communities.

·      Provide guidance to you via social media as soon we receive any updates.

·      If you would like to discuss concerns about how the results of the election may affect you, we will offer free 30-minute consultations on Fridays for the months of November and December to discuss possible benefits for which you may be eligible.

We are dedicated to supporting our immigrant community and value your contributions in the United States.  


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