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Visas for specialized occupation through lottery, cap exempt, transfer, and amendment.  Includes visas for spouses and children.

  Employers could petition for an H-1B Visa, specifically for Specialty Occupations on behalf of foreign nationals who hold job positions that require specialized skills that may not always be found among American workers. International start-up businesses also have the option to petition for an H-1B on behalf of the company’s founder. The initial period of stay when on an H-1B Visa is up to three-years. Additionally, H-1B petitions can be extended (up to 6 years), amended and even transferred between companies. 

H-1B’s and their corresponding processes can also vary between countries. 

  Additionally, due to special treaties in place between the U.S., Chile and Singapore, foreign nationals from these countries have another option that is not readily available to others. The H-1B1 specialty occupation visa is an option that permits temporary work in the U.S. for one year. After that, the H-1B1 visa holder can apply for one-year extensions, as opposed to the H-1B, there is no 6-year limit on H-1B1 status. 

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