Fast Trac: Document Info


  1. How do I request my medical exam? To request your medical exam, you will need to first locate the closest approved USCIS examiners and call them to schedule your appointment.  You may locate an examiner by using the USCIS locator link HERE.  Once you have attended your appointment, the examiner will provide you with your results in a sealed envelope.  After our office has prepared your forms, you will mail the original signature pages back to our office and include this completed exam in the sealed envelope.
  2. How do I request a tax transcript? Go to IRS.GOV and choose request your transcript via THIS LINK.  Be sure to request a tax transcript and NOT any other type of transcript offered as these will not be accepted by USCIS.
  3. What if I am the U.S. Citizen spouse and didn’t file taxes in the U.S.? If you did not file taxes in the most recent year, please contact us at to notify the attorney.  If you filed taxes in the most recent year, but not in one of the other two years prior, you do not need to notify our office, but will need to provide an explanation for the lack of tax return(s).  Please complete our TAX RETURN EXPLANATION FORM and upload with the other documents provided in your Client Portal.
  4. How do I request a credit report? You can obtain your free credit report from or upload a report issued in the last 12 months.  If you are not able to obtain a credit report because you do not have a social security number then you may disregard this document request.  
  5. What if we don’t have the evidence suggested to evidence or relationship? It is very important that you provide at least 3 separate pieces of evidence of your relationship.  The most important documents are (1) evidence you are living together, (2) evidence that your finances are commingled, and (3) photos together.  Other great evidence is joint insurance and/or memberships.  We understand however that if the foreign spouse doesn’t have a social security number it is difficult to obtain these documents, so alternatives are typically acceptable at the filing step (more will need to be provided at your interview).  However, if you still don’t have any other alternatives, please have a friend/family member complete THIS AFFIDAVIT about your relationship, but be sure to have them type it out on a separate piece of paper and provide a real signature (not electronic).
  6. How do I get a certified translation? Typically the translation is done by a certified translation company, BUT you can have the translation completed by a friend so long as they complete THIS CERTIFICATION and translate the document in exactly the same format as the original.  Don’t forget to upload the original too, because both are required for the filing.
  7. Do I need to provide originals of my documents? We do not need any originals of your documents other than the following:
    1. Passport-style photos
    2. Medical exam
    3. Check/Money Order for filing fees
    4. Original signed and dated signature pages
  8. Please note however, that you will need to bring the original civil documents with you to your interview. More on that once we have filed your package!
  9. What if I don’t have a visa because I am from Canada, Mexico or a country that has a visa waiver program with the United States? So long as you are from Canada, Mexico (possess another travel document) or have a visa waiver/ESTA then you don’t need to provide this visa stamp.  We will already know this information by reviewing your passport and I-94 so no need to notify our office.  
  10. What if my birth certificate does not include all of the information included in the list you provided? U.S. Department of State has a handy referenced guide for each country that explains exactly what the official birth certificate is called in your country.  Go to the DOS REFERENCE PAGE to locate your country (left side of page) and scroll down for “Birth, Death & Burial Certificates” for reference as to what will be accepted by USCIS.











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