Family Immigration Lawyer in Decatur, GA

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A family immigration lawyer is essential, especially if you have immediate family members in the United States. A lawyer will successfully help you with all the information and process required during the application, from filling out the information in the application form to submitting it. Ensure that you hire a qualified family immigration lawyer to get good services. They are experienced and have enough knowledge of immigrant cases.

Elliott Immigration Law has the best family immigration lawyer. We provide immigration services to residents of Decatur, GA, and surrounding areas. We hold certification and thirty years of expertise. We value our clients and therefore ensure we maintain good communication and integrity.


Family Immigration Services in Decatur, GA


Fiancé Visa

The visa is eligible when your fiancé in the United States sponsors you. To be a legal permanent resident in the United States, you must have an immigrant visa. Then, within 90 days of getting married, you can apply to become a permanent resident.

Our family immigration lawyer will help you with all the processes required to get an immigrant visa and finally become a lawful permanent resident of the United States. If you marry another United States citizen who is not your sponsor, you cannot get lawful permanent resident status.


Green Card Through Family

We help our clients with the green card sponsorship of their family members, whether children, spouses, or even parents. Some processes are required, and we have all the knowledge. The process includes consular processing and adjustment of status, and we help you decide on the best process for you, depending on your plans. We will also help you know which family members are eligible for the sponsorship. For instance, lawful permanent residents can only sponsor their children and spouses.


VAWA Green Cards

We help our clients who have been victims of crime to adjust their status through this immigration process. There are processes required, including finding out if you are eligible. We ensure that we carefully follow the right process to attain permanent resident status.


U Visas

Our family law attorney helps victims who don’t have legal status and have a criminal record. You must be eligible, and we will help you find out. If you are eligible, we will help you with the process and requirements for it to be successful.


Benefits Of Family Immigration Services In Decatur, GA


Offers Legal Advice

We will advise you on the documents you should have for the application to be successful. We will also guide you on the process to use and how long it will take to be completed. You also need to know whether you should apply for a certain visa, and through us, you will be able to know.


You will be guided by an experienced family immigration lawyer who will successfully take you through the process while ensuring everything is precise and accurate. We will be able to guide you and ensure that your application will not experience delays or lead to the payment of unnecessary fees.


Negotiates With The Other Party

We make your work easier by dealing with all the parties involved in the application process. Without a lawyer, you will have to do it yourself, which might fail.


Represent You In Court

We represent you in court in case of any problem. We have enough knowledge on how to deal with different cases. Therefore there are high chances of winning the case.


Submits The Application Form

We will ensure that we prepare your application form and send it where it’s required. We will do it on time and deliver it on time to the right place. When you don’t have a lawyer, you will have to fill in all the information on your own and also decide on the documents required, which might be hard. To avoid filling in the wrong information, you can hire our family immigration lawyer for assistance.


Why Choose Our Family Immigration Lawyer Services In Decatur, GA?

Elliott Immigration Law has the best family immigration lawyers. We’ve been working in this field for three decades. Our family immigration lawyers are certified and have enough knowledge to even deal with complex cases. We are transparent, efficient, and client-centered.

Our prices are reasonable, and we have enough knowledge to deal with different cases. With this knowledge, we have a high chance of winning your case. Our services are eligible not only for people in the United States but also for people overseas who wish to reside in the United States.

Besides family-based immigration, we also deal with solutions for entrepreneurs and investors, employment-based immigration, US citizenship, and other immigration issues. We accept appointment requests at any time. For effective immigration legal services, contact us at (404) 890-0372 today.









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