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Individuals from countries outside of the United States come to this country for a variety of reasons, but for many, the goal is the same – to become a naturalized citizen of the United States. To get to the point where you are ready to become a naturalized citizen and qualify for that status, you must have already gone through years of paperwork and governmental red tape in order to become a permanent resident prior to your naturalization application. This means that you are well-aware of the many hurdles that need to be overcome before you are able to become a naturalized citizen. 

At Elliott Immigration Law in Buford, Georgia, our experienced immigration attorneys are here to help you in the naturalization process. We provide counseling and preparation for your application so that you have the best chance of qualifying for and becoming a naturalized citizen. Contact us to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your unique situation and develop a strategy to best prepare you for the process.

Who Can Become a Naturalized Citizen?

Naturalized citizens are those individuals who were not born in the United Stated or born abroad to parents who were United States citizens. Minor children may also derive United States citizenship once one or both of their parents has become naturalized citizens. If your situation is different from these scenarios, you will likely be determined to not be a United States citizen already and must move forward with the naturalization process. 

U.S. Citizenship Qualifications and Requirements

There are a number of requirements and qualifications that you must meet in order to become a naturalized United States citizen. These include:

  • 18 years of age

  • Permanent resident for 3-5 years (3 years if you obtained your permanent resident status by marriage to a U.S. citizen)

  • Not having been outside of the U.S. for 30 months or more in the last 5 years or duration of your status as permanent resident, whichever is less (exceptions apply, so please call our office to learn more about this requirement)

  • No trips outside of the United States in the last year for 1 year or more (exceptions apply, so please call our office to learn more about this requirement)

  • Residence within your current state for the last 3 months

  • Ability to read, write, and speak basic English

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of U.S. history and the form and principles of the U.S. government

  • Good moral character (please call our office if you have a criminal record)

  • Registration for the selective service if you are male (exceptions apply, so please call our office to learn more about this requirement)

  • No desertion from the U.S. Armed Forces

  • Agreement to support the Constitution of the United States

  • Understanding of and willingness to take an oath of allegiance to the United States

If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible to apply for naturalization. At Elliott Immigration Law in Buford, Georgia, we are here to make sure you qualify for the process and will be ready for each step.

Steps to Naturalization

The first two steps to naturalization have been described above. You must not already be determined to be a United States citizen, and you must meet the requirements previously listed. The next step is to complete Form N-400 to apply for naturalization. With our immigration experts helping you through the process, we will make sure that your form is filled out completely, you provide all of the necessary documentation to demonstrate your eligibility, and get you the 2 required passport-style photos, if necessary. This will ensure that your process is not delayed.

When everything has been filled out and documents gathered, you will be ready to submit. You will need to include the N-400 and biometric service fees, if applicable. Additionally, you may need to submit Form N-648 if you need an English language and/or civics exception due to a physical or developmental disability or a mental impairment. We will review your application and make sure all the necessary evidence is provided before you submit. Once this is submitted, you can check the current processing times and status of the application online.

The next step is your biometrics appointment for fingerprinting and photographing to be used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for background checks. All applicants must go through a background check before your naturalization interview can be scheduled.

During your interview, you will meet with an immigration officer and answer questions about your Form N-400. You will also take your english and civics tests, unless an exception has been made. The immigration office will notify you later with the results unless a determination cannot be made that day. In that case you will need another interview, provide more evidence, or retake the civics and/or English tests.

Finally, you will receive a decision notice that your application has either been granted or denied. In either case, our immigration attorneys will prepare you for the next steps – either filing a Form N-336 to request a hearing on the decision or preparing you to take the oath of allegiance.

This is a time-consuming and stressful process, but with our expert immigration attorneys on your side, we will work for the best possible outcome and to help alleviate some of the stress. Call us to talk about your case in Buford, Georgia. 

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